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Building for 2nd A 70.3 race of the year.

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    I just had my first 70.3 race for the year this past weekend with pretty much my goal results. I have another race in 11 weeks. After taking a recovery week I have loaded the 70.3 Leve 3 plan again for my next race. My question: What is the best way to continue my fitness build and build on this success? My first thought is to add volume, by making some of the workouts longer?? Adding another interval to the long weekend workouts? I don’t think adding faster speeds, as my zones are what they are…
    I am thinking of getting the subscription, so I can just sub those workouts with a longer workout of the same category.
    Am I on the right track?

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Don’t underestimate your capacity to get fitter by repeating the same training. When you complete a training cycle, you are not the same athlete you were at the beginning. Hence, if you start your next build before you’ve lost much of the fitness you gained, the same training will affect you differently. In fact, your zones are NOT your zones (unless you’re talking about heart rate). Fitter means faster, so what I’m really saying is that you should be able to do the workouts in the early weeks of your next cycle faster than you did the first time, which means they aren’t really the same workouts, and on you’ll go from there. If the training still seems ridiculously easy, then okay, go ahead and pad some of the workouts with an extra interval or an extra 15 minutes, but again, don’t underestimate your capacity to get fitter by repeating the same training.


    Thanks, Matt + Matt! I had the same question. My two 70.3s are only 6 weeks apart and I’m now in the taper for race #1, which means time on my hands to plan for race #2. I’m thinking that I’ll start the cycle on a recovery week, get three solid high-volume weeks in and then back to the taper. Now that the weather is warmer and we have access to open water, I’m excited to get in those 3000 yard swims that weren’t possible in the 50 minute pool times we’ve had. It always amazes me how effective long distance swimming is on raising overall fitness levels. I also love the days when you can just take it easy on the bike or run and enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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