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Can I do a longer session if I keep the pace low?

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    OK, so I start my 80/20 properly on Monday. I’m used to going for my longer run on a Sunday which would normally be 10km to 20km. On the plan, I’m limited initially to 55 minutes in zone 2. I’m going to struggle to do more than 8km in that time and pace.

    I realise that I can’t speed up and go beyond the HR in the plan, but can I just continue for a while longer if I keep in the same HR zone? As my plan is for 10K, I’d quite like to be doing at least 10K each Sunday long run.

    David Warden


    For sure. The 80/20 ratio is the optimal intensify balance, but an 85/15 ratio is significantly better than a 75/25 ratio. More easy is better than more hard.

    In fact, you can add on time and still maintain the 80/20 ratios, it’s easy! Just add 2 minutes of high intensity for every 10 minutes of running. Even though your 55 minutes run is all scheduled to be easy, if you were to add 30 minutes of running on top, make 6 minutes of that high as intensity. It’s perfectly consistent with the 80/20 plan, as we’ve already calculated the 80/20 ratios for you by each week so anything you add that also is the 80/20 ratios maintains that formula.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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