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Changing bike from HR to Power in TPeaks

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    Im following the L3 IM programme HR for run and bike. However I have moved to using a power-meter on my bike workouts and want to use power as my metric for bike work out zones. In Training Peaks settings I have entered data for both power and heart rate settings based on and FTP test and using the 80/20 calculation method. Training peaks allows you to convert your scheduled work-out from %Threshold HR to %Functional Threshold Power (open the workout, click on the graph and click on the Units drop down). However I’m not confident these transfer correctly. E.g. If my workout is HR Z1 warm-up, Zone 2 active, Z1 cool down. When I convert to %Functional Threshold Power my power zones change to Z2 warm up, Z2-ZX Active and Z2 cool down. When I use Erg mode on the trainer this means most of my work-out is in Power Zone X, but my heart rate would be Z2. One possibility is my FTP is set lower than it should be and I am due to re-test next week? Any thoughts/guidance appreciated. Thanks Matt

    Matt Fitzgerald

    I didn’t know the answer to this one, so I went to our new director of training, Leyla Porteous, and she came back with the following:

    So the %Hr and the %FTP do not match when you change them in workout in TP so what he is saying is correct.

    Not sure if David knows some techy mathematical way you can account for this.

    My best knowledge would be if this athlete is going to use power for the bike going forward they should do a level plan change to bike power for this plan to get the correct %FTP zones. Alternatively if they are a subscriber they can pull in the corresponding bike power workout I suppose?


    Thanks for the reply. I can use your power zone calculator to get the correct % for cycling power in the individual Zones and then I can change in TP. (bit of a pain but i don’t mind). I guess the question I still have is if I opt for using the Power Zones instead of Heart rate it would appear I am not working at the same intensity. I.e. I.e Z1 HR is Z2 power?? This doesn’t seem right – or am I missing something? Many thanks

    Matt Fitzgerald

    It’s tough to create zones for different intensity metrics that line up perfectly for every athlete. In fact, it’s impossible, so there’s always going to be an adjustment when you shift from one metric to another. What I’m certain of is that power-based zones determined though power-based testing do the best job of guiding athletes to the “right” intensity in all types of workouts.


    I know this is a little old so not sure of a response. I purchased the level 1 Olympic run pace and bike HR program. I currently have a smart trainer that I want to use power for and until I can purchase my power pedals for outdoors still use HR. I tested it out and edited 1 of the trainings peaks workouts(CF9) to use power and since it was supposed to be zone 1 and zone 2 for hr I edited the session to use FTP and the referenced zones. That range I came up with from the zone calculator which for power is 50-70% for zone 1 and 70-83 for Zone 2. Does this seem the correct way to get switch?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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