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Changing Heart Rate Zone source for bike rides


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    I am using the 12 week 80/20 70.3 maintenance plan. Today, I completed an early morning ride and felt that throughout the ride I was above my HR zones. I do not have a power meter so I have been relying solely on RPE to gauge my rides. I was riding in the dark and my Apple watch does not reliably display HR data.

    Post ride, for the first time, I actually went in and looked at the details of this morning’s ride. I saw the HR peaks and the HR Zone data in tabular and chart form. However, the HR data was for Lactate Threshold and CTS cycling (Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4, Z5). Is there a way to switch this so that the table/chart conform instead to Lactate Threshold – 80/20Cycling Zones: (Z1, Z2, Zone X, Zone 3, Zone Y, Zone 4, Zone 5)? I want to stay out of Zone X.

    I know that I can look back and forth between the CTS cycling zones and the 80/20 zones in Settings and make an educated guess where I was. My analysis in doing this provided this info: This morning’s ride was supposed to be Z1 5min, Z2 50 min, Z1 5 min. My results in 80/20 Zones: I ended up 9 min in Z1; 34 min in Z1/Z2; but 17 min in Zone 3; and lastly 2 min in Zone 5. This zone data is not precise because of the differences between CTScycling and 80/20cycling zones.


    Hi there,
    Do you have your zones set using 80/20 in Training Peaks? This will help you see yours zones in training peaks based on the 80/20 zone system and also be able to manage your zones while training.
    Otherwise you can set these zones via the 80/20 Zone calculator.

    To ensure you are getting the most out of the 80/20 plan it makes sense to only utilise and refer to the 80/20 zones.

    Hope that helps



    Thank you, Leyla

    I set my HR zones in TP as you suggested for LT & 80/20 Cycling. My ride today had the correct zones and some very revealing info.

    TPZones TPMinutes MyRideMinutes(from Peaks HR by Zones)
    1 22 17
    2 18 16
    X 0 5
    3 20 0.5
    Y 0 17
    4 0 11
    Total 60 66

    I was happy to see the results as I was riding solely on RPE. However, I am a bit confused by the HR by Zones number. My ride was 61 minutes, the HR Peak by Zones totals was 66 minutes. Can you explain why the peaks data is 66 and not 61?

    I was happy to have stayed mostly out of Zone X, but obviously I have to slow down a bit when I think I am in Zone 3.


    Just confirming: are you saying that your watch said you did 61 mins of activity but Training Peaks had 66min?

    This usually occurs if you stopped/paused during your ride but didn’t hit stop on your recording device. It may then only show you your “moving time” data, whereas TP will show you your complete training data from the file. This could explain the difference.



    Not quite…

    Within TP, under Today’s Training, the ride shows as a CCI2 activity. Time is 1:00:59, 21.1 km, 64 hrTSS. If I select that event, the screen switches to a more detailed entry with 4 headings: Summary, Map/Graph, Laps, and Peaks. If I select Peaks, I now see a bar graph at the top entitled: Heart Rte By Zones. If I add up all the times for each bar/zone, I get about 66 minutes. So, it is not a discrepancy between TP and the Apple watch, but a descrepancy within TP itself. BTW, the Apple Watch shows a time of 1:00:58. My ride was just an out and back with no rest.


    Not sure about what could be causing that other than what I mentioned. I’d say this is a good question to send on directly to Training Peaks.

    Congrats on staying out of zone X for this workout though. Sounds like you had a good ride and starting to get a good feel for your effort without needing the watch the whole time.


    David Warden

    I can explain the 61 vs. 66 minutes.

    TP does not allow for zones be immediately adjacent, for various reasons zones must overlap in TP by one unit (bpm, watt, second). Zone 1 is, for example, is 119-134 bpm and Zone 2 is 134 to 149 bpm. Therefore, Zone 1 and Zone 2 share 1bpm at 134 etc. all the way up the zone chain.

    You spent a total of 5 minutes right at the threshold of a zone where the zones overlap. When you are at 134bpm (in this example), TP will add that time to both Zone 1 and Zone 2.

    This phenomenon is especially noticeable when using HR, as going from Zone 1 to Zone 4, for example in an interval workout, means that your HR has to slowly pass through Zone 1 to 2 to X to 3 to Y to 4 and then back down. With Pace and Power, however you can go instantly from 160 watts to 300 watts and not pass thorough the other zones at all.



    Thanks, David
    I contacted TP after reading Leyla’s post and their response meshed well with your feedback. I found your reply more nuanced, precise, and had a higher degree of clarity. I continue to add to my piggy bank so that I can add a power meter to my bike (pedals or crank) and a Garmin Edge so that I can ditch relying on my Apple Watch. 🙂

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