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Changing the Swim TT

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    Good Day,

    I am following HM L3 from the book (for context). This week I have a scheduled STT1 workout.

    I believe I’ve read in this forum the philosophy has changed since writing the books? That a 1000 m/y TT is better than 400/200? (Please correct me if I am wrong).

    How would you adjust the workout to do a 1000 m/y TT including a proper warm up?

    Thank you.

    Two side notes, I didn’t know where to send to you directly:

    1. Would love to see the next version of the book with a stronger cover
    2. I can’t wait for your 80/20 coaching courses to come out, where will it be announced?




    So the STT1 workout that is in the plan from the book is the same as the workout you will find in our 2022 TrainingPeaks plans and our workout library on our website. I am wondering if you mixing up the STT1 workout with the CV swim test to set your zones which is a 400/200 time trial. There has been discussions on the forum in the past on whether a 1000 TT gives a better results – personally I always recommend the 400/200 time trial for assessing your CV swim pace.

    Here is a resource document that refers to this assessment:
    And our zones calculator can help you set your zones with the results;

    Make sure you are subscribed to the 80/20 newsletter and following our social media accounts to keep updated on our Coaching Course coming later this year.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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