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Choosing a goal and plans

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    I recently finished my goal race and overall it was a success. 20 min improvement from 1:55 to 1:35.
    Now I have another question. I don’t know how to calculate my next goal. I know that these improvements on PRs won’t develop with the same increment. Going only for sub 1:30 HM seems not challenging enough. Is there a method how I can calculate new target times based on current racing results/training logs?

    About plans. Currently I was using heart rate based plan. Somewhere Matt mentioned that he would choose 1. power based, 2. pace based, 3. heart rate based plans. What is your opinion about which plan to use?

    Moving forward from here. I just finished the goal race and level 3 HM plan. Time to rest (for a week?) and then start with maintenance plan? I was actually thinking about learning to swim. Which resources I could use to learn on my own? Suggestions on web sites, forums, youtube channels etc are much appreciated.



    Hey Karl,

    I asked a similar question 2 weeks ago under the General section.

    @Matt Fitzgerald replied with the following:
    “There’s an art to setting race time goals. If used properly, the training process will enable you to set a goal for your next one that is challenging but realistic. It’s okay to set a provisional goal before you start, but you should adjust it as you go based on what you learn from your training.”

    How to Set a Good Race Time Goal

    As for plan choices, it may depend on how soon you want to try and beat your PR.



    Thanks Dan. I think I found my answer about setting goals.
    My A race will be in 1 year. I know I will do PR-s during training or even B races during the coming year. I was just wondering, if going from HR plan to pace or power would make any difference.



    I will post David Wardens answer here as well.

    “In addition to the Maintenance plan, you’ll find a variety of off-season/pre-season plans in our, Goal-Focused, Racing Weight, Strength and Mobility, and Stride Academy plans. Each plan caters to a specific need or weakness that the athlete has, and they range from 6 to 12 weeks in length. You can do one after the other, and even mix and match to target more than one goal at a time. I suspect that at least one or two of these plans are perfect for you to fill the next 19 weeks. The Maintenance plan might be a great answer as well. All of these plans have cross-fit options where you can replace a run with a swim or bike.

    Additionally, your off-season is so long that you can fit in another full season. For example, you can put in a full 10K plan for 12 weeks and aim for a 10K PR.”

    Also, he suggested going for pace over HR. So I will try that and use Garmin HRM Pro power as well. I want to learn more about that.

    I will probably go for a mix of plans until I start a formal HM plan. The problem for me lies on figuring out what my weakness is at the moment. Should i do more volume to build stronger cardiovascular system and stroke volume or focus on getting faster.
    Development from from beginner runner to decent runner with HM level 2 plan were insane. Then I took on level 3 plan and I think I overshoot with that one, because I had to skip interval sessions (calves were overloaded) and pace per km increased only around 10-20 sec during the whole plan. Compared to HM 2 plan where pace per km increased from 6:40 to 5:40.
    Biggest weaknesses are knees and calves. Need to build stronger system that can absorb the shock of HM 3 plan.

    As for goals, I will set myself up with something crazy. Otherwise I’m not motivated to put in the work. I know myself that much.
    I will shoot for HM pace 3:45-55. For that I need to get faster. So I think I will go for maintenance plan now and then Build plan focused on speed and then 2x HM 3 plan.

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