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Comparing Power vs Pace Programs with Garmin and Zwift

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    So in a couple of weeks I’m probably going to start the Half-Marathon Program and I’ve been considering using Power (I have a Stryd) vs Pace. I’m trying to compare my options between the two. I have a Garmin Forerunner 245 and Zwift. I know Zwift needs the Pace option as it doesn’t do running power. I’ve picked up the “maintaining” power plan in training peaks as a test and I started using that today. The Garmin doesn’t seem to announce what power level I should be running in as the workout commences. I’m guessing I’d need the Stryd Workout’s app to get that level of support? My concern is that Stryd is going to starting charging for that at some point. The Forerunner 245 doesn’t support power meters so I can’t use the 80/20 ConnectIQ App.

    I’m wondering if perhaps I’m making this harder than it needs to be and am considering switching to a Pace based plan. Pace would let me use Zwift as a “hud” and I’d probably still use the Garmin for recording to training peaks (as it saves more data metrics). In a workout, the Garmin will pop up and say “Run 5 minutes at X:XX/km right?”.

    It seems my options are to stay with power and consider the Stryd Workout app (and potentially paying for it), or switch to pace and get pace alerts on Garmin and the ability to use Zwift. However when I start to run outside, the hills will impact the pace plan far more than the power based plan. Right now, I think my desire to have the Zwift “HUD” as I’m running along on the treadmill is winning over the power advantage on the hills but some of that depends on if the Garmin Workouts will announce the pace zones as I run the plan on my watch. With the present power configuration, I had to memorize my power zones for my workout today.

    Matt Fitzgerald

    There’s no clear better option here. It’s really a matter of preference. What works best for you might not work best for another runner. But you can’t lose either way. The gadgets are just there to support you. If they all vanished while we slept tonight you would still be able to train effectively 80/20 style without them after making a few adjustments.


    Yeah I’m currently using the Stryd workout app to import my workouts from Training Peaks as Garmin doesn’t support power natively.
    There’s been rumours that they are going to support it this year.
    I’m not too keen on having to pay Stryd a subscription as I figure the investment in the pod should be enough, and don’t really want to pay for something that for me just facilitates the transfer of my 80/20 plans which I pay for with my 80/20 / Training Peaks subscription to provide the functionality that Garmin should be providing anyway.
    I won’t be using Stryd’s training plans and I get enough data between Garmin / Strava and Training Peaks so I’m not fussed about Stryd’s ‘insights’ etc.
    It’s all a bit messy


    Thanks to you both!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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