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Considering a plan

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    Hi David,

    My partner wants to do her 1st marathon in November. She has purchased your 80/20 book and was wondering, while the book has Marathon 1 plan it seems just a tiny bit too much time during mid week and was wondering if your Marathon Plan 0 on TP is suitable for her.

    She works 4 x 10hr night shifts per week and the runs on the last 3 shifts need to be no more than 1 hour to ensure sufficient sleep.

    I’ve shown her my marathon plan 2 I’ve purchased but it’s too many hours of running for her. She has been running for 2 years completing about 9 half marathons at just over the 2 hour mark. Currently running 4 days a week averaging 4hrs about 35 to 40 kms.

    Her goal for the marathon is to complete it and enjoy the experience but she is adamant she ain’t walking.

    Do you think Marathon Plan 0 would fit with this work schedule?


    David Warden


    The Marathon Level 0 plan (not included in the 80/20 Running Book as you’ve discovered) Has just 5 workouts a week, of which only 1 ever exceeds an hour (the week-end long run). I believe that will fit in with her schedule well. This chart may also help convey the demands of the Level 0 plan:

    It is absolutely designed to finish running the entire time. A bit slower maybe, but not walking. If she can run in training, she can finish the marathon running.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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