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    Looking over my shiny new plan, I notice there’s no cooldown on the workouts ?

    I will do one anyway, but was just wondering why they are no longer there ?

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Most of the workouts do have cooldowns. The only exceptions I can think of are fast finish runs. Which workouts are you seeing that lack cooldowns?


    Should have said many workouts sorry – the foundation and endurance runs don’t seem to have any

    Looking at my first couple of weeks RF23, ER1, RF24, ER3, ER2….


    Matt Fitzgerald

    Oh, right! Sorry. I don’t think of those as workouts. I think of them as runs.

    The thing about cooldowns is that they serve no physiological purpose whatsoever. They are entirely unnecessary, even in high-intensity interval workouts. They are a tradition lacking any practical foundation. It feels natural to cool down at the end of a high-intensity workouts, but in runs where even the main body of the session is done at low intensity, it feels weird to slow down even more at the end. Elite runners certainly don’t cool down in foundation runs, long runs, etc. That’s why I eliminated them from a lot of the runs in the new plans.

    There’s a chapter about the pointlessness of cooldowns in my book BRAIN TRAINING FOR RUNNERS, by the way.


    Ok, thanks for that Matt

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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