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Core Strength Program Integration

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    I will begin the Level III 1/2 Marathon Plan in about three weeks. When we laid out the plan I had the Core Strength program added.

    The core program has strength sessions for the entire period, including race day. I hope to be celebrating that day, so won’t do that session…

    Seriously, when should I terminate the core sessions? My thought is to discontinue the week before and during race week as part of the taper, but what is best practice?

    David Warden

    For the benefits of the other Forum members, unlike our other strength plans, the Core plans don’t pair with a particular distance or level, they are just straight duration-based plans in durations of 9,12, 15, weeks etc.

    Charles, to answer your direct question, cut core sessions the week of your race.



    Thank you David.

    A quick comment; the Core plan does overlay nicely with the 1/2 Marathon Plan so hard days are hard and easy days easy. Only those last couple of days leading up to race day seemed to be odd.

    A shout out to Leyla – I did have a concern that the endurance & depletion days do overlap with the Core Plan which for me raise a concern because of my age and risk for injury. Leyla offered great guidance on how I might organize those days to mitigate the risks and I have integrated her suggestions into my Training Peaks Calendar.

    My initial experience with the subscription services have been exciting. The ability to customize the plans to my needs, and the support I have received prepared me to enter into the next training segment with confidence that I have a workable plan that I can complete successfully.

    David Warden

    Charles, thanks for the kind comments! I’m actually sitting next to Leyla right now as the whole team is gathered in California for our quarterly face-to-face meeting. I’ll pass on your compliment!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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