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Cycling power zones pushes HR out of zone

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    So my top Z1 heart rate runs out at about 140BPM

    Riding at top of Z1 Power on bike (using FTP) my heart rate is over 140 (usually around 148)

    Is this OK? I am assuming that it is, as HR max etc varies from person to person, but thought I would ask.

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Which test or tests did you use to set your power and HR zones?


    Cycling power using FTP tests on Zwift

    MaxHR I just know from mutiple cycling events when racing or what have you.

    Worked out zones using 8020 formula on Trainingpeaks

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Thanks for the information. Our HR zones are based on lacate threshold HR, not HRmax. HRmax is not a valid basis for determining intensity zones because it does not change as fitness changes, whereas LTHR does. In any case, the best way to get zones that align is to determine your power zones through testing, as you’ve done, then do a ride at your FTP and not the HR that aligns with it. Use this number as your LTHR and calculate your HR zones from it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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