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dealing w/ an injury and 80/20

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    Hi guys, dealing with some shin soreness on the right medial side. Could be early stages of a stress fractures or mild shin splits. We’ll have to get it checked out.
    The injury wasn’t because of 80/20 training but rather not letting my body rest between training blocks. In any case, here is what i’m struggling with…

    I don’t want to lose any fitness bc I have a 10K TT lined up in mid April. If I have to, of course I will. But what if I could replace all of my Z2 runs w/ Z2 cycling on the peloton to avoid aggravating the shin? Would that work? How much fitness do you think I would lose if I was still committed to the 20% speed workouts for 80/20 Level 3 10k program? I ran 38:55 for 10k mid January off of a 12wk polarized training program (had never run 10k before. and fastest recent 5k was 19:20 back in November ’20) and am shooting for 36:55 by Mid April.

    It was all going so well a couple of weeks ago. feeling frustrated.


    and in the event that I can’t do the run workouts because of the pain and have to go exclusively peloton, how should I approach “workout” days on the bike? I see there is a trove of cycling workouts but unsure of which make sense for me.

    What would you recommend for someone like me — interested in healing up and improving my 10k time before stepping up to the HM?

    David Warden


    So sorry to hear about your potential injury. I wish you a quick recovery.

    The best thing you can do to replace your running is the elliptical. The elliptical does an amazing job of mimicking running and maintaining run fitness, particularly if you let your arms swing freely like when running.

    If you have access to the elliptical, perform your run workouts exactly as written, but on the elliptical. Be aware that your HR zones for the elliptical will be lower than actual running, probably closer to your bike HR zones.

    If you don’t have access to an elliptical, then cycling is the next-best option. I would replace your runs with cycling, and add 20% more time. A 90-minute hour-run becomes a 108-minute bike ride. You can follow your 10K plan as-written: just performing the intervals and zones on the bike instead of the run, adding 20% more time to each ride.



    Nice, David. Wish I had the elliptical but only have a PTON. Awesome to hear that I can follow the same workouts for the bike! I didn’t think this would be the case.

    To clarify, when you say,

    “You can follow your 10K plan as-written: just performing the intervals and zones on the bike instead of the run, adding 20% more time to each ride.”

    By Zones, you are referring to the corresponding power zones from the calculator, correct? Not heart rate zones. If so, this might be a good time to retest my FTP to ensure i’m getting the most out of the workouts.

    David Warden

    B, you can use Power or HR zones on the bike. If you have access to a power meter, then Power is preferred.

    That comment was just mean to remind you that your LTHR for the bike and run are unlikely to be identical, so your bike and run HR zones will probably be different. You will use your bike zones (power or HR) on the bike when performing what was a run workout (+ 20% more time!).


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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