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Disappointing 70.3 – another one only 11 weeks later?

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    Hi there!

    Today, I was competing in the Steelhead 70.3
    Because of the weather, the swim was cancelled and it was a bike & run only.
    I finished in a – as I think – decent time considering I‘ve had a flat, but it still doesn’t feel right. The swim is missing. I didn’t even stay for the world slot announcements as I also felt that this wasn’t right either without a swim.
    Anyways, I just found out that there are a few slots for the Wisconsin 70.3 on September 12.
    I wanted to take this coming week off to recover but will also have some business travel here and there (in the weeks to come) as well as planned beach vacation late August.
    Any thoughts on how to ideally tackle that?


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    David Warden

    Winoria, sorry about your tough results this week.

    I propose the week off, then just load the 70.3 plan with an end date of Sept 12 and stick to the remaining 10 weeks of the plan.

    For your holiday, cycling and swimming may be tough to get in? Switch your rest week to fall on that holiday week and keep it to ~3 hours of running only (if no access to anything else).



    Thanks David! I’ll do that. Swimming will work when on vacation as I will be on the ocean 🙂
    The funny thing is that the time would have been not too bad even though I’ve had a flat. But I feel it is just not right without a swim.
    What I wanted to share: The intensity zones I practiced (upper zone 2 / some zone X) was spot on for the race.
    Especially when running I spent 44% in zone X.
    Cycling was mostly upper zone 2.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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