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DIY FTP building plan

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    Marius T

    Hi all,

    I want to do an FTP building block.

    Unfortunately, the new 8020 cycling plan seems to be couple of months away, so I looked on the other plans on the market, but I didn’t find one that is aligned with 8020 methodology (which I prefer and it’s working for me).

    So, I came with a DIY FTP building plan.

    My plan is to do 2 phases of work, both 6 weeks length (so, this will be 2 cycles of 3 weeks for each phase). 4 days of cycling per week, swim and run done easy as cross training. All weeks with 8020 intensity distribution.

    For phase one, I was thinking to raise the time spent at the actual FTP (raise time to exhaustion – TTE). So, for interval sessions, I was thinking to work at 90-95% of FTP and gradually extend the time spent at this intensity.

    T: CCI progression – CCI4, CCI5, CCI6, CCI7
    W: CRe or CF
    F: CT progression – CT2, CT4, CT5, CT7
    S: CF

    For phase two, I want to raise the intensity and work above actual FTP, at approx. 105% of FTP.

    T: CSP progression – CSP4, CSP8, CSP11, CSP14
    W: CRe or CF
    F: CAn progression – CAn1, CAn2, CAn3
    S: CF

    Please critique my plan, any input will be highly appreciated.
    Thank you,

    Matt Fitzgerald

    I’m working on them, Marius! I think we’re closer than a couple of months.

    Your plan isn’t bad, but I think it’s over-specific. Everything matters when you’re trying to increase FTP. You’ll want to include everything from Zone 2 endurance rides to Zone 5 power intervals, with gradually increasing emphasis on the range around FTP as you progress.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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