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Do I have to match power zones in Trainerroad to 80:20 zones?

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    Apologies for all the question but Im a relative newbie. When exporting to zwift or TR (havnt decided which to use yet) do I have to change the zones to match the 80:20 zones in TP? So in TR there doesnt appear to be any way to change from their zones to the 80:20 zones. Is zwift better in terms of matching the zones etc? Thanks

    David Warden

    Johnny, no problem on the questions! That’s what the Forums is for, right?

    I think you’ll be well-served to follow the instructions of the document Understanding Your TrainingPeaks Structured Workout Plan. In summary it will:

    1. Confirm you have established 80/20 Zones
    2. Change your Zones in TP to your new 80/20 zones (this is the main step I think you are missing).
    3. Export your workout from TP to your device either manually or automatically.

    I’m assuming you are using one of our plans, and not our free 80/20 Workout Library. IF you are using the free 80/20 Workout Library it’s a very different set of features, and you’ll want to read the Q&A on that page to understand what can and can’t be done (quick summary: free workouts have several restrictions, workouts from an 80/20 plan or subscription have full functionality).


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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