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Doing two marathons one month apart

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    Hey everyone, I’ve been using 80/20 plans out of the 80/20 running book for years and only just discovered this forum – nice!

    Here’s my question: my A race this year is the Brisbane Marathon on 6 June 2021. Call me crazy, but I’ve also signed up to the Gold Coast Marathon on the 4 July, just under a month later. Obviously I’ll need a bit of time to recover after the first one … any suggestions about how I should go about training in the month in between after recovering for 5-7 days?

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Not crazy at all! Either that or we’re all crazy.

    The risk of under-recovering is far greater than the risk of losing sharpness in these situations. Use the second week to get back into a rhythm of regular writing. I you’ve recovered well thus far, toss in one fartlek set and one fast finish. In the third week do a couple of moderately challenging workouts, like a Critical Velocity Run and a Variable-Intensity Intervals Run, and a moderately long long run. In week four, obviously, you’ll want to taper back down.


    Thanks so much for getting back to me Matt – love the personal advice! A quick couple of questions about your advice. I’m using the 80/20 running eBook and some of the names you’ve given are different to what’s in the book.

    1) Can you clarify what a ‘Critical Velocity Run’ is? Is it a Tempo run? Or Speed Play? Short or Long interval run?

    2) Is a Variable-Intensity Interval Run’ like the Mixed-Interval runs in the 80/20 Running eBook?

    3) Is a moderately long run something like 16 miles (in mostly z2)?


    Matt Fitzgerald

    Critical velocity = The fastest pace you could sustain for 30 minutes

    Variable-intensity interval run is a little different from mixed-intensity intervals, but I was just tossing out some examples. A tempo run and a mixed-intensity interval run would work just fine.

    Moderately long run = 14-16 miles. Fourteen is plenty, so be content with that unless you feel fantastic.


    Thanks Matt – that was a speedy answer! I really appreciate the personal advice. A week ago I had no idea this forum existed… thanks for providing such a great service. By the way – this is my 4th race using a plan out of the 80/20 running book – it’s been extremely helpful for me. Thanks!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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