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Duration of CP Test

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    I’ve noticed that there are a variety of CP test durations. Some are pretty short. 3 / 9 minutes at max effort, separated by 30 minutes of walking and easy running. And then some are obviously longer (20-30 minutes, 10K time, etc.). For me, the shorter tests always result in a noticeably higher CP.

    I was using shorter test results as the basis for my training for several months.
    But it seemed like I was stagnating. Even using Stryd’s more conservative recommendations (</= 80% of CP on easy runs, </= 83% for long runs), I often felt like I was pushing too hard. And I really wasn’t improving.

    I decided to use a longer test to determine my CP, which obviously gave me a lower value. I’ve stuck with this and the improvements have been surprising. I’m running faster with less effort and a lower heart rate. It’s gotten to where it’s hard to stay below 80% of my CP on the easy runs. I’ll retest soon and adjust accordingly.

    So I guess I was overtraining. Has anyone here had a similar experience using one of the shorter CP tests?


    So the end result was your CP is lower and therefore you’re seeing better progress in your training?

    I wonder if that’s simply coinciding with the change in conditions outside? I’ve had to adjust my CP once temps/humidity got to where the previous zones no longer applied.

    However I am dealing with what appears to be a continually declining performance trend so I’m re-evaluating. I’m going to start a separate thread on that for feedback though.


    Something like that. With a lower CP, all of the runs have been at an easier effort. I’m thinking that I was pushing too hard and getting less aerobic benefit, while also taking longer to recover.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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