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Enforced break in training

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    I’m training for a 100km ultra mid-October and in the 3rd week of my 80/20 plan. Life has however thrown me a curve ball in that I will undergo eye surgery on 23 June and thereafter, no impact sports (no running!) allowed for 2 weeks. Not even any cycling! I have an indoor spin bike and a Concept 2 rower, also a treadmill that I could probably walk on (uphill?) I’m very concerned at missing 2 weeks of my plan. What do you recommend with the equipment that I have and when I am able to run again, do I just drop the planned 2 weeks and pick up at where I would’ve been had there been no break in training? Could this be managed by matching intensity and duration using the rower/spin bike?

    Matt Fitzgerald

    That’s unfortunate, but it’s no cause for panic. You can accomplish more than you think through cross-training. Forget the rower, but do use your indoor bike and treadmill to continue with the plan in this alternative modality. I’d use the bike for Z3-5 stuff and walking for everything else, as it will help preserve the impact tolerance of your lower extremity tissues. After the two weeks, give yourself one week to “build a bridge” back to the 100km plan. Start with a test run and then make each subsequent day’s training look a little more like the planned training until the two paths merge. You’ve got this!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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