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Extra Training? – Time and Energy vs Rest?

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    Rest is an important thing, but if I have added time for training and feel as though I am recovering well is it a good idea to increase the time training as long as I stick with 80\20, or is it better to abstain from further training to avoid overtraining?

    I have always followed my own plans but really want to maximize the 80\20 training philosophy. That being said, if I am on a planned 1hr30min zone 2 bike ride and have the time to continue for another 30 min is it better to stop and stick with the plan or can I continue on and add on some additional training?

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Hate to say “it depends” but, well, it depends. Your training load should feel too easy in the early weeks of a training plan. Athletes who try to “correct” this “problem” by adding volume often find themselves in over their head in the later weeks. But because our plans are not custom made for individual athletes, it’s entirely possible that the plan you’ve chosen is slightly lighter than is optimal for you all the way through. And if that is the case, then adding a bit of extra volume could give you slightly better results.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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