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Failed CP Test

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    I tried doing the 20 minute best effort test this morning just to have something current. First of all, I didn’t pace this one very well. I took off faster than I should have. Second, the temperature and humidity didn’t help. Rather than running 20 minutes, I shut things down at 15. So it was pretty much a 15 minute max effort run.

    Would you even consider this usable for the purpose of CP calculation? Or would it be better to give it a couple of weeks and redo the entire test?

    David Warden


    I’d re-do the test, but you don’t need to wait two weeks, the beginning of next week would work well. The early part of the week following a rest week is still a fine window for testing, and you can replace the high intensity run on Monday/Tuesday with that test.



    Thanks David. Yeah, it pretty much sucked. But it didn’t take enough out of me that repeating the test next week should be an issue. So I’ll probably give it another try.

    Interestingly, my Stryd auto CP still increased from this morning’s run. However, their (Stryd auto-CP and Steve Palladino) way of testing seems to result in a higher CP than 80/20, while prescribing runs at a lower percentage (70-80% of CP on easy runs, around 83% on long runs). The 80/20 zone 2, on the other hand, is 76-88% of CP. So I think the training intensity of both approaches is probably comparable, as long as you’re using the training program’s suggested testing protocol.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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