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Failed workout

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    Really wanted to nail the RAE21 workout for today. I am 18 days out. I spent alot of time in the heat at work today and went to my favorite spot after work intending on running the 20 miles. I brought on course hydration and started my run. 5 miles in, the heat was getting to me. I grabbed a bottle and some gel and did a second loop. It’s really hot out. I managed 10 miles only. I have my final long brick [6hrs+1hr] in two days (rearranged for obligations) and don’t want to sabotage it. My question is should I reattempt the RAE21 next week? Or just let it go? Kind of bummed I didn’t get a green workout today.

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Don’t lose sleep over it. You made a game effort and that counts for something. Plus, there’s an extra benefit to heat exposure training. That final brick will suffice to put the finishing touches on your fitness. Chalk it up and stay the course. You’re fine.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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