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Finding Workouts in the Subscription Library

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    The workout library is enormous, but I am having some difficulty locating workouts. Too often I find I must browse the library for the workout I need.

    Sorting is buggy. It appears that there are inconsistencies in the workout type nomenclature that are leading similar workouts being ordered far from their group. This does not seem to be happening with the Premium Strength Library where workout types are constructed with a common type length (using periods in the workout type).

    I could not find Core Strength workouts in the library, despite searching the workout types, (I got by with a copy/paste from earlier workouts from the Core Strength Plan already on my calendar so I’m OK for now).

    Finally, I would like to see workouts from the Stride Academy in the library.


    Matt Fitzgerald

    We’re in the process of building a whole new website from the ground up. A better-organized workout library will be a part of it.


    Are you referring to the workout library provided through Training Peaks? I am going to assume so a you refer to the Strength Training Library which is not available on the website.
    We have a specific core strength library – if you currently do not have that library please reach out to to request a link if you are a current subscriber.

    In terms of your comment on the workouts not being in order due to the numbering, yes this is a limitation of the way Training Peaks sorts the workout names. But the workouts are grouped in their correct categories, just not always in the right number order due to this issue. If you have any other specific errors you have found, again please reach out to us at the results@ email with your specifics so we can address them.


    All is well. I have received the library.

    Thanks. Charles

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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