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First 50m and 100k Adjustments

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    Hey David,

    First, a huge thank you for all your help so far.

    I am three weeks into the 50m/100k 1 plan and am loving it! It feels like the perfect amount of challenge without any overtraining symptoms so far. Last we spoke I finished my fist 50k and completed Marathon 1 in early November. I took the rest of Nov, Dec and Jan off with only three runs a week at 12-18 miles.

    Current Plan:

    It looks like I will be running the Squaw Peak 50 Mile here in Utah. It hits on week 18. Therefore, which week would you recommend skipping?

    Like some of your other athletes on here, I want to make up for the lack of races in 2020. Here is my proposed schedule:

    Week 1 – 12 train
    Week 12 or 13 1/2 or marathon C race
    Week 18 First 50 Mile!! A Race
    Week 22 Silverton 50k C Race
    Week 25 Tushar 100k B Race
    Week 27 Skyline 55k or UTE 50 mile C Race

    Am I crazy or do I have your support? Also do you still offer personalized coaching?

    I plan to race more later in the year but am planning to take 2-3 weeks off after this round and go camping + climb Shasta at an easy pace.
    I would love to get your thoughts on how to best prepare.

    Thank you, Scotty!

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Hi Scotty,

    I’m glad you’re enjoying the plan. If you’re going to skip a week, I would make it Week 17. (Week 1 would have been better, but only if your pre-plan base had been sufficient, and it’s moot now anyway!)

    Regarding your race schedule, the thing about readymade training plans is that they are really designed to leave you needing a break at the end. It’s not just the A race but the peak-level training that precedes it. If I were your coach, and you had presented me with this race schedule, I would have (assuming I couldn’t talked you out of it!) had you train differently in the lead-up to your 50-miler to leave some of your powder dry for the other races.

    Your best bet at this point is to really take it easy after the 50-miler and then train at a maintenance level through Week 27. Avoiding injury and burnout will need to be far higher priorities than fitness, of which you can easily hold onto the lion’s share during those last nine weeks.

    David and I aren’t accepting new one-on-one clients at the moment, but we’re happy to answer more questions here.

    Coach Matt


    Hey Matt,

    Thank you for the feedback! Is there a way to join a waitlist for you or David? If not, are there any other coaches that are you could recommend that are taking new athletes who follow your principles?

    As far as the races go, I am not looking to achieve my ultimate best times this year. Instead I am looking to increase my race experience and have a great time.

    With that said I don’t want to hurt myself. I know you cant give me a definite answer but if I followed the maintenance regime + all those races, what would you estimate my risk of injury at? Are there any in that schedule that I could remove that might substantially reduce that risk?

    Thank you for your time.


    Matt Fitzgerald

    Can do. Email me at and I’ll add you.

    There’s no way for me to estimate your injury risk. It’s so individual. Mike Wardian could plow through that race lineup without a twinge; for others (me, probably) the likelihood of breaking down would be 100%. What I can say, though, is that the chances of not having as much fun as you expect are even greater than your odds of getting hurt. I’m not trying to be negative; that’s just the reality. If you’re more of the Mike Wardian type, though, you come through it smiling.


    haha really appreciate the feedback that is helpful. Im going to stick with the plan and decide if it was smart or not after summer 🙂

    I just sent you an email. Have a great weekend!

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