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First depletion run fell apart on me.

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    Hey guys,

    Did my first depletion run today and experienced my first true wall or heat exhaustion, not sure which. Basically, because I do all my runs under 10 miles ‘fasted’ as a morning run, I extended my normal 8 hr overnight fast to about 14 hrs. Woke up a bit late and got on the road at 730 am, as the heat index was already nearing 100.

    Made it about 50 min feeling great before I fell apart, slowed pace by 2 min immediately and could bt catch my breath well. Eventually I finished it in walking bouts with an overall pace 2:30 slower than an equivalent run done with proper nutrition.

    Basically, I finished it uninjured, but as I was feeling heat injury related symptoms and slowed/walked a significant portion, I didn’t meet the intent of the run other than feeling the lack of nutrients.

    I’m guessing my issue was mostly heat, compounded by the nutrition, and I’d like to give it another shot but don’t have another depletion run scheduled for a month.

    Would I be wrong in trading my next long run, a HM Pace run for the same depletion run, with a slightly shorter fast and making sure I don’t snooze the alarm so I hit the road when the temp isn’t a factor? If there is more value in just sticking with the plan, I’ll do that, but failing a run I know that I can do that badly is gonna eat at me until I redeem it.

    Symptoms were all heat related, but could probably also be caused by the depletion nature of the run: shortness of breath, muscle cramps, elevated HR (15 BPM higher than normal for pace) etc.

    Plan is level 2 marathon, depletion run 3

    I’ve said it before, but you guys are great. I’ve spent my life sucking at running because I didn’t train running with any scientific base. It’s amazing how after doing a few of these plans, which are my first intro to proper run training, I have seen such gains in performance x e for am extended period. Thanks for the great work!

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Just move on. Short of time travel, there’s no way you can make up physically for a bad run, and redemption is not justification enough for modifying the plan.


    Will do. Thanks as usual for the always swift replies.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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