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First to train/plan?

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    I love 80/20!!! My first official triathlon was an olympic last weekend and I placed 21 out of 150!! And 3rd in my age group. I am sold on this plan and SOLD on triathlon!

    I know I will settle into olympics because I find them very fun, it’s a good distance and just time committment with my life works well. However, I started this sport a year ago with the intention to finish an Ironman by the time I am 30 (next August). So with that being said, it’s time I pick what one for next year. Unfortunetly, I didn’t know the one race I wanted to do was an every-other year so now I have to choose a new one. The only one that would make sense logistically for my wife and I (up in Seattle area) would be St. George…and that one is apparently one of the hardest IMs around…so that’s just an added hesitancy factor as well as even more terrifying.

    Long story short, I have never ran >13 miles, never swam >1.2 ish, and never biked more than 60 miles…so needless to say I am HORRIFIED of a full. How do I plan? The full is in May, and my last tri this year is first week of September. So what would your advice be on how to train? Is that enough time? The 8020 plan would put me starting in December.

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Plenty of time. Take a week or two off after your September race, then do maintenance training until your Ironman plan starts in December. You’ll be good to go.


    Mr. Plantpowered,

    Welcome to triathlon. I am in the Puget Sound area as well and there is an Ironman event in 2022 that is closer to home and later in the year. Penticton B.C. at the end of August. Now granted, its not before your 30th but you’ll be 30 and you can add IM 70.3 CdA in June as a B race to tune up for it. It’s always good to have options.

    Penticton was to be my first IM last year and this year, but the lingering pandemic and border closure’s (should be open in 2022) left me no other choice than to take a refund. Now I’m looking at age 60 in three years to complete my first IM. So see, you have plenty of time…lol

    Good luck in whatever you decide and keep moving forward.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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