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First Marathon, Lessons Learned, Next Steps

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    Completed my first marathon today and exactly qualified for Boston! – at least from what is shown here: (M 50-54)

    I was using Boston as a motivator towards the end. When I saw the finish line I kicked into high gear and ran hard for the last few hundred feet. Glad I did!

    Lessons learned:
    – over aggressive target. I ran a half in December at 1:31:00 and just assumed I could train to do a full in under 3 hours. Too aggressive. Adding a whole minute to the pace and going for a 3:30:00 would have been safer.

    *** Coaches – do you agree, or perhaps it would have been perfectly reasonable to aim higher if I trained using 80/20 from the start? Where do you “plant the flag” on this one? I basically trained from February to September.

    – before 80/20, I trained mostly in moderate/high intensity. Had a lot of long, decent runs until I got injured.

    – started 80/20 with 8 weeks left before the marathon. Was pleased after using the plan to do a 22 miler in good time at zone-2.

    – When I ignored the training (I’m trying to adhere!) my injuries flared up and training got difficult. I kept up with it but entered the race injured.

    If I had used the 80/20 plan from the start of training, maybe I would have been able to utilize the extra gas in the tank at the end of the race. I finished saying “Damn, I could of run faster the last few miles!” I suppose I had to go the distance before knowing how to obtain maximum effort from myself. I was afraid if I pushed I would of quit early.

    *** Coaches – next marathon to attempt may be in the Spring. Sub-3 too aggressive?


    Matt Fitzgerald

    There’s an art to setting race time goals. If used properly, the training process will enable you to set a goal for your next one that is challenging but realistic. It’s okay to set a provisional goal before you start, but you should adjust it as you go based on what you learn from your training.

    How to Set a Good Race Time Goal


    Thanks, Matt!

    Will there be a FAQ section on this site in the future? Obviously the Forum is for questions, but a collection of FAQs for newbs like me might help. Thanks.

    Matt Fitzgerald

    We have something much better than an FAQ section, which is a comprehensive resource section covering the full range of topics relevant to 80/20 training:


    A single FAQ page couldn’t possibly do the job (unless it was 50,000 words long and threw together topics that no connection to one another).


    Understood. Thanks

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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