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Fitness tests with acetaminophen?

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    Knowing how important zones are in 80/20, and how important fitness tests are to determine those zones, I saw this (old) article about performance in a fitness test with acetaminophen and wondered if it could be useful. I realize acetaminophen reduces training adaptation so probably not good to take regularly but could it be useful before fitness tests? Athletes are always looking for ways to improve performance (for example the popularity of AMP Human PR Lotion), this seems like another option and this one has significant science behind it.

    Tylenol (Acetaminophen) Improves Endurance Performance by Blocking Pain Signals

    I had a great, super hard 20 min FTP test on the trainer today – highest 5 min power, 10 min power, 20 min power of the year, highest 20 min heart rate of all time, second highest 5 sec and 10 minute heart rates of all time, all without any aids like acetaminophen or PR lotion. But sometimes (or really most times) I’m just not able to push so hard… If I don’t push to the real limit in my regular fitness tests, I’m holding back my training zones for the next step cycle… Makes me think about how to set myself up for success in my fitness tests besides being well rested, well nourished, well hydrated, etc.


    I think Matt wrote an article or a chapter in one of his books about how Tylenol can serve as a performance aid. I’ve adopted use myself but only in races as an extra boost. I think doing it everytime there is a hard workout or a fitness test would water down the effectiveness myself.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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