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From HIM L2 to IM L2

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    Hi There,

    I have been following HIM L2 plan and loving it. And planning to end it (possibly – see below) with my own HIM event at the end of November.
    Afterwards, I want to switch to full IM traning with Level-2 plan.

    Do you have any suggestion in terms of the transition?

    For example,
    option-1: I can finish HIM L2, have one (or two?) week(s) recovery type of week afterwards and start IM L2 from Week-1
    option-2: I can skip the last two, taper, weeks of HIM L2 plan and switch to IM L2 from week-1.
    option-3: Either after my own race and recovery week or after skipping taper weeks of HIM L2, I can start from week X? in IM L2.

    What do you suggest please?

    Thank you!

    David Warden

    M, great to hear from you.

    I’m assuming that your IM is not attached to a particular event or date, you are just completing it as you are your HIM, just a virtual event.

    The answer depends on how important it is to you to finish the HIM. If you really want to finish the HIM, you’ll of course want to complete that plan. If the HIM training was just a vehicle to the IM, then you can bail on the HIM training and move to straight IM training.

    So, if you really want to complete the HIM, do the full plan and “race” the HIM. Then take a week off, and you can start up on Week 13 of the IM L2 plan (your option-3).

    If you don’t really care about the HIM plan, and the IM plan is all you care about, why not switch to the IM plan now? I’m guessing you are on about Week 11 of the HIM L2 plan. If so, switch to Week 8 (a rest week) of the IM L2 plan. This is “option 4.”



    Hi David – really appreciate the thoughtful, timely and creative 🙂 response.

    I liked that you brought up a good idea as option #4. That said, I think I want to finish the HIM training and mark it with a virtual event (yes, as you guessed I will have my own HIM Day, if everything goes according to the plan of course). So you asked a good question and made me realize that finishing the HIM training is kind of important to me. 🙂

    Therefore. I will go with option #3.

    And have one more quick question please:
    When you say take one week off after the virtual HIM event, I assume you mean to have some recovery exercises to help with the recovery during that week instead of not exercising at all, correct?
    Do you have any suggestion for that “off” week? Like follow the taper week #2 of the HIM plan, or something like that.

    Thanks in advance,

    David Warden


    The purpose of that transition week is to avoid non-stop formal training for 6+ months. I sometimes refer to it as a “firewall” week. The structure of the week depends on how you feel. An all-out 70.3 will really beat you up, but if you do an easy, “workout” 70.3, that can recover faster.

    Taking the week completely off is no problem. However, at a maximum, there should be no running, no strength training, and 2-4 hours of aerobic exercise, like swim and bike.



    Cool – Thank you again.

    I do not think I will be pushing for an all-out 70.3 but still try my best.

    I will plan for a super light, easy 2-4 hrs of aerobic swim + bike in that week.



    Hi David,
    It’s me again. 🙂
    I’ve purchased the IM L2 plan to start 1 week plus my DIY HIM in couple weeks.
    Looking forward to it 🙂

    While looking at the IM L2 plan closely, I realized that during the general phase there are about four swims a week for a couple of weeks.
    Due to logistical reasons I have hard time to schedule swims even three times a week.

    But let’s assume I can indeed do three swims a week – how do you suggest I modify the IM L2 plan for the weeks where there are four swims please?

    Thank you in advance,

    David Warden


    Great to hear from you again! This is an easy fix: simply merge an easy swim with an interval swim into the same session. Any SF, SRe or SAa workouts are easy, all others are hard. Perform the more intense session first, then immediately go into the second. In this manner, you can even take it down from 4 swims a week to 2 swims a week.

    Remember, that frequency is important. That’s why we have you swim 3-4 times a week: four 1-hour swims are typically going to provide more improvement than two 2-hours swims.

    Also, if you miss a swim workout here and there, that is OK.



    Sounds great. Thanks for making it really easy and super quick response as always.
    I hear you about the frequency so I will try to pay attention to that too.

    That’s all for now 🙂

    BTW, I just listened to Matt’s podcast with Floris G. where he talked about your partnership and more. It was a great chat.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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