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FTP Booster 14 Weeks into 80/20 Full Plan

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    One of the athletes I mentor felt like the FTP and bike strength were not at the desired level 14 weeks into the 80/20 full Ironman plan. It was felt more strength was needed.
    A coach was consulted and a 4 week FTP Booster plan was added. The plan came from Zwift.
    The Booster plan consisted of high intensity workouts 7 days a week. and at the end an FTP test.

    I want to discuss what situation is appropriate for this 4 week training program.
    To me it may make sense for a cyclist pre season.

    It is now difficult for me to communicate to the athlete how 4 to 5 high intensity workouts can be counterproductive and make them injury prone. They feel those hard workouts are making them stronger and now it is a mental issue with them.

    For whom and when is this type of FTP Booster program for?
    If an athlete feels the 80/20 program is not building up the FTP should I consult with David or Matt?


    I found a link which describes all of the workouts.


    Matt Fitzgerald

    Hmmm. I reject the premise. The purpose of Ironman training is not to increase cycling FTP. The purpose of Ironman training is to increase Ironman performance. Sometimes I wish FTP had never been invented–it’s become such a distraction for so many athletes. The only way I know to help athletes like yours who have lost all perspective is to patiently explain reality, but not every such athlete is reachable. Here’s a blog post I wrote fairly recently, in which I take my best swing at correcting FTP myopia:

    What Gets Measured Gets Overemphasized

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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