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FTP Cycling Test

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    I have just purchased the level 1 1/2 IM training program (cycling power) and I am due to start the program in a week and a half.
    Before I start the program I want to do an FTP test to get my zones as I haven’t done it since November 2020. I have previously used the method where you ride 5 minutes at zone 4 then you do zone 1 for 5 minutes then you do the 20 minute threshold test (on zwift).
    My question is:
    Should I do this method again or should I follow the instructions for the 20 minute TT on the intensity guidelines page (https://www.8020endurance.com/intensity-guidelines-for-8020-triathlon/).
    I have recently got a power meter so I will be doing this test outside as most of my training in the program will be outside.
    I look forward to starting the program!

    Matt Fitzgerald

    You should follow our protocol. Enjoy!


    Hi BeauTri – I guess it goes without saying….but the FTP 20 minute test is hard, so if you are doing this outside, choose a stretch where you will be safe on the road, and look up (i.e. not at your bike computer….). If you have an indoor trainer with power this might be a better option. It really is a tough workout! Gareth


    Thanks Matt and Gareth.
    I have a stretch of road near mine that is relatively quiet with a large shoulder so i feel like it would be safe (I have done zone 3 and zone 4 efforts on it before). I will just make sure not to stare at stem haha.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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