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FTP indoors and outside

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    As far as I know cycling FTP is not the same for indoortraining as for outdoor cycling.What do you think is the most hasslefree way to change your FTP when switching regulary between indoor and outdoor when using a structured training plan.I refer to using Trainingpeaks and Wahoo/Garmin bike computer with a powermeter.
    Would you just manually change the Zones each time in Trainingpeaks and than force a resync between Trainingpeaks and your bike computer?Or is there an easier way to handle this?

    Thanks clamic


    Why do you think it is not the same? Power is a physiological metric. Its stability is what makes it so nice to train either indoors or outdoors.

    So, if you’ve established that your power is 100, then inside it is 100 and outside it is 100. No need to change. It’s what you can theoretically sustain for 1 hour. Then you retest in a couple weeks, hopefully it goes up, and you update your zones which apply both inside and outside.

    It might feel different – but that’s because there are a tone of different factors that go into outdoor and indoor riding. When I ride outdoors – it is exponentially harder for me to remain consistent (stoplights/stop signs, potholes – hello pittsburgh; etc..).

    Trainer road has a nice article on it…

    Indoor FTP vs. Outdoor FTP: Why They Feel Different (But Aren’t)


    Hi Clamic,
    That’s not necessarily true for everyone as there are multiple factors at play that would cause a difference between indoor and outdoor power numbers.

    The first thing you want to do is test in these 2 scenarios to determine if there is an actual significant difference for you. If it’s say more than 10-15 watts difference between outside and inside power test results then yes you may want to account for those differences. I would suggest having your Training Peaks zones set to the environment you are doing most of your training in at that time (and if indoor is lower, then ensuring your offset those watts for your indoor training).
    I myself am not aware of an easy way to have indoor FTP & training zones and outdoor FTP & training zones in Training Peaks. Doesn’t mean there isn’t a work around though. I have found with the improved trainers, ability to use power from the same power meter, using a fan to stay cool, and staying focused – power numbers between inside riding and outside riding are starting to get much closer together.


    Thank you both very much for your insights!
    I cant remember anymore where I have read that indoor FTP is lower between 10 to 20 % compared to outside.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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