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Garmin Data Fields for Zones – Power + HR simultaneously

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    On a Garmin Edge 830, is there a way to use 80/20 data fields to see the proper zone name for each of 1) power and 2) heart rate on the same screen? Since I have had some trouble recently where my while I am erging in a power zone my HR goes 2 zones about that zone and that’s a problem 80/20 advises on this forum to avoid. Right now I keep a print out taped to the wall in front of me that shows the HR zones ranges and the power zone ranges, but is there a way to just have the device show the 80/20 name for the zone I am in for both heart rate and power? I looked into installing the 80/20 Bike Zones data field and the 80/20 HR Zones data field, but the Edge 830 doesn’t seem compatible with the 80/20 HR Zones data field.

    David Warden

    Ted, I am confident there is not. It would be a great enhancement request, and don’t be shy about contacting TP to ask for it!

    I suspect that if you were to remove your printout, you’d have your zones memorized post-haste. It’s really just memorizing 4 numbers:

    bottom of Zone 2
    bottom of Zone X
    bottom of Zone 3
    bottom of Zone 4

    You really don’t need the bottom of Zone 1. If you are jogging or spinning, you’re there. You don’t need Zone y, and since Zone 5 is going to be close to all out and so sort, you really don’t need to memorize that value.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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