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Garmin: Exceeded maximum number of workouts

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    I’m using my plan through TrainingPeaks and it gets sent to my Garmin account/watch. Recently, a problem has started where my watch is giving me a daily warning saying that I’ve exceeded the maximum number of workouts. I went through the workouts on the watch and all of them are upcoming 8020 workouts sent from TrainingPeaks.

    Is this a common problem? If so, does anyone know a fix? I’m concerned that if I start deleting some, I’ll go out for a run and the workout won’t be there.


    I don’t get it monthly but I do get it occasionally. Honestly, it doesn’t affect functionality. It just means the watch can’t hold ALL 18 weeks at once..Future workouts will download as time progresses in my experience.

    David Warden

    Rex, I *think* Gerald is right, this is just cosmetic. Garmin devices can only holds between 20 and 200 workouts at a time (depends on the device). It will cycle through those workouts each sync so that you have at least the next 20. Should not impact functionality.

    Most Garmin devices don’t give you the error, they just don’t sync past their limit.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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