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    Hi –
    I am using Stryd power with the 80/20 plan. Recently switched from HR plan. Love the structured workouts btw. I got a new watch – and the workouts sync to my watch – however when I load the working, I dont see the power gauge/range showing up on the watch. Previously you would be alerted if you were outside of a zone for that specific workout…now the power range is just not showing. Wish I could post a photo! Any thoughts on why this might be occuring? Many thanks – Peter


    This is a known issue between Garmin.and Stryd. You will need to install the Stryd Workout App on your Garmin.

    In addition, you will need to disable auto-calculated CP

    Finally, link TP and Stryd.



    I’ve been following your posts on training with power. I have finally broken down an purchased a Stryd Power Meter and will be exploring it over the next couple of weeks.

    I’m a bit confused by the recommendation to disable the auto-calculated CP. I currently let Garmin determine my HR & Pace thresholds rather than test (then manually update the 80/20 Zones on Training Peaks); this because I believe that Garmin is more comprehensive with the inclusion of recent training performance and lifestyle data. I was hoping to continue by using Stryd algorithms in a similar manner.

    Does the auto-calculated CP interfere with structured workouts with power?




    I too broke down and purchased a Sturdy a couple weeks ago. I’m loving it and wish you joy on your new journey into power training as well.

    The issues with Stryd Auto Calculated CP is there is nothing in the documentation stating which CP they are assigning you. 80/20 Endurance uses a CP20 or 20 min Critical Power test value to determine your threshold value. The Stryd CP could be CP20, CP40, or CP60. Therefore it is suggested to do the 20 min. Test to set your 80/20 CP/FTP value. The good news is since you have the threshold pace from Garmin, you can use that to extrapolate the pace you “should” be able to run the test at. I say should because my Garmin can be very generous with what it thinks my threshold pace is. 😂

    If you don’t turn off auto-calc, the CP Stryd calculates will override the FTP and zones you have set in TP.

    That all said, I’m following the 2 week intro plan to establish my power curve and letting Stryd Auto calc during the intro phase to set a baseline idea of what power I can realistically shoot for when attempting the 20 Min test.


    Been using Stryd for a bit and its great. If you use the Similtaneouse Test here then you can get your HR, Pace and Power targets in one test. I only use power for my zones but find it intersting to see how the other metrics are progressing. Eg once my Power stayed the same but my Pace increased and I was disapointed untill someone here pointed out that my form must have improved so I was running more efficiently.


    Gerald – thank you for the information. It still doesnt show up. I also have TP linked with my Watch, and already have the Stryd workout app. Outside of disabling the auto-calc CP, nothing here was new. Any additional thoughts? I might just go back to Heart Rate training. It’s frustrating that this is still an issue with Stryd and 80/20. Maybe I’m missing something however.


    1) What watch do you have?

    2) Are the TP workouts showing in the Stryd Calendar?

    3) Are you using the Stryd Workout App or the Garmin Native Run app on the watch? You must use the Stryd Workout App.

    4) Have you “fetched” the workouts in the Stryd Workout App? Select Stryd Workout App -> Workouts -> Fetch Workouts

    The Garmin Connect App must be open and active for the Workouts to download to the app.

    5) To do the workout you select Stryd Workout App -> Workouts -> scroll down and select # Workouts -> Scroll and select the desired workout -> Start -> The watch will connect to the Stryd and GPS -> Press START to start the workout.


    I received my Stryd yesterday and got it working with the Training Peaks and 80/20 Structured Workouts. That was a trip down the rabbit hole with Alice…

    Once I got Training Peaks workouts onto the Stryd Calendar I could call up workouts either with the Fetch procedure Gerald outline above; or I could just call up the workout on my Garmin run profile with a secondary data screen for the Stryd Workout app. I prefer to use the second procedure so I don’t need my phone nearby (even though the main Garmin run screen is useless because it will not display properly) – I get everything including alerts and the zone gauge which advances with the workout laps.

    I set my CP values manually based on what I have accumulated with the Garmin HRM-Pro. From what I read I will need to make some adjustments after I get some runs in – all monitors measure power differently so to be useful best practice is be consistent.

    I looked over the Stryd 20 minute intro plan. Seems kind of short in terms of volume for experienced runners. I’m just familiarizing myself with the technology for now. My experience with the 80/20 Run Faster Plan leads me to believe if the proper Level is selected it would provide a much better protocol for establishing a power curve for 80/20 training (more runs, and a greater variety of intensities for Stryd to work with).


    Yes it is short. I just added easy running to expand the volume. It is just a nice way to introduce you to the Stryd system. The workouts have some good explanations of the different metrics and it takes all the different types it uses.

    That said, you are correct, the 80/20 plan imo would do just as well with the variety. the only thing it might “pack” on is the medium intensity longer runs of 20 – 30 minutes beat threshold.


    I’m not exactly sure how the CP/20/40/60 works yet. I suspect that they provide numbers for TTE (time to exhaustion) which would be useful. If so, choosing a higher level of the Run Faster Plan would better model a longer distance goal.

    I saw David’s post on the Forum about using the CP/20 estimate. I don’t know why I wouldn’t choose a CP/40 if I am on a 10K Plan or CP/60 for a 1/2 Marathon Plan? Not that I will ever reach those marks :-), only wondering if I could customize to some benefit with the new information from Stryd.


    Just did an easy run using method two – now I have two entries in Training Peaks, one with power and no HR, and one with HR and no power for the same run. TSS is about the same rTSS and power TSS are alway close for me historically. But I will need to decide which run to keep.

    This is turning into the kluge I thought it is, and the reason I delayed getting Stryd for a long period of time. I will admit that the real-time presentation of data on my Garmin watch was perfect and comprehensive throughout the run.

    I’ll try the “Fetch” procedure tomorrow.



    Just a quick follow up. My Auto calc CP appears to be a CP20 for my slow self. Just thought I’d follow up.

    As far as the dual posts. You most likely have the runs coming to Garmin from the watch dirwctly and from within the Stryd eco system. Easiest solution is probably to just torn one off.


    I was kind of harsh with my comments earlier, so I will share here my running with Stryd workflow.

    When I execute a power based workout I like the Stryd Workout App. On my Garmin FR945 I installed the Workout APP and connected the device as a foot pod. This works seamlessly; I get power alerts if I deviate from the 80/20 Workout zones. No dual runs are posted on Training Peaks, so all is well. I don’t like to use the “fetch” procedure, but that is a minor irritation.

    Power structured workouts don’t work well without the Stryd App, but I prefer either pace or heart rate workouts whenever it makes sense. For non-power structured workouts I prefer to use the Stryd Zones APP. This needs to be connected to Stryd as a power meter (not foot pod).

    The Stryd Zones APP allows me to run my 80/20 Workouts in run mode with an added data screen for Stryd. I prefer to use two fields: the Stryd power, and either heart rate or pace. If I am running a pace-based workout I will use the secondary field for heart rate (or vice-versa) as I will get alerts when I drift outside the 80/20 structured workout zone.

    I will always run with the Stryd Pod attached with either of these workflows. This will assure that my Training Stress Scores are consistent on Training Peaks, always power based, so meaningful and the highest accuracy available to me.

    I prefer the Stryd Zones APP. As an 80/20 Subscriber I often swap run/HR/power workouts to suit my needs. Also being a senior runner I place high importance to monitoring heart rate as a health safeguard and the Stryd Zones APP offers a capability to manage power and heart rate in a meaningful way.

    So… an apology and a thank you to 80/20 Endurance for setting up a discount to add Stryd to my training repertoire.

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