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Garmin swim warm up

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    The workout swim warm up screen on my Garmin 945 only shows the warm-up interval’s time. It does not show the distance or pace. This may seem lame but i lose track of the number of laps, which is why i rely on my watch in the first place. Also, i want to make sure i stay within Z1 during w/u. It’s frustrating that the swim w/u screen locks the user out of all other Garmin screens, so you can’t scroll to a distance or pace screen. Second frustrating thing is that if you hit the lap button too soon (say after 4 laps instead of 5), it automatically adds the full w/u distance to the total distance. So if you’re supposed to swim 250 yards in the w/u and you forget where you’re at and actually swim 200 yards, then hit the lap button, it automatically gives you 250 yards.

    My wish list:
    1. Don’t let w/u screen lock user out of other Garmin screens.
    2. Put distance and pace on the w/u screen.
    3. Workout adds the actual yardage you did in your w/u instead of assuming you did exactly what what was called for.

    David Warden


    Thanks for posting this. Garmin has definitely updated their software to treat swim workouts differently, but most is the same.

    1. I just tested a swim workout this on the 920xt and it does not lock the workout. I have access to all the other screens and can scroll to any other customer screen I’ve made. It must be a limit to the 945, since the 945 is really just a running watch and not a multi-sport or swim watch while the 920xt is a multi-sport watch.

    2. We can fix this. Garmin recently changed the Drill tag to not display distance, just time. I hate it too, so I’ll fix it. Unfortunately I have to re-write all the swim workouts again. It’s on the shortlist, but it will be a few months.

    3. This is a limitation on the Garmin itself. It has to rely on user input and assumes no mistakes. I hear you on this one, I’ve double tapped that lap button accidently many times and there is no recovery. I don’t know how Garmin could accomodate this one…something like an “undo” button. Do you have any ideas?



    Thanks David. I appreciate your responsiveness and look forward to the updates.

    David Warden

    All, this is now fixed with all swim workouts from the Workout Library.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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