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Garmin watch setup for running with power

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    Chris Cavanaugh

    I’m running with power (Stryd) and looking for best practices for setting up Garmin 935 displays. I’m able to see power from Stryd as a data field on the watch using the Stryd Zones app, and I’ve also installed the 80/20 Run Zones app via Garmin IQ.

    I find the 80/20 app particularly useful when I know what zone I should be in (such as a long Z2 run). However, I can’t get run power to show up in the structured workout screen when it’s downloaded from Training Peaks. I’ve seen some older comments on the web that Garmin does not support power in the structured workout screen for running. It would be very valuable to have a screen that shows me what zone I should be in, particularly with complex interval workouts.

    Is this still not supported/fixed by Garmin, and if so what do people use for structured run intervals using power?
    – I saw something about setting up Stryd as a cycling powermeter, but I didn’t fully understand how to do that.
    – I also see Stryd has an app that will display structured workouts. Does that app connect to Training Peaks to download workouts, or would I have to set them up manually in Stryd?
    – I also have a Garmin Running Dynamics pod if that can be part of the solution (i.e., native Garmin power available?).
    – Anything else?

    Thanks in advance!

    David Warden


    Sorry for the hassle. The truth is, Garmin is not particularly motivated to fix this issue. We address this issue in our document Understanding Your TrainingPeaks Structured Workout Plan, most options of which you have already found, and I’ve included the relevant section below for your convenience. I’m not aware of any other work-arounds at this time, but the first one listed is the most common solution.

    Q: When using Power for my running structured workout on a Garmin, I can’t see real-time power or target power on the same data screen.

    A: This is a known issue with some running power devices (such as a Stryd) and Garmin. It is not a problem with cycling workouts, or running Pace or Heart Rate. workouts. There are a few workarounds for this:

    1. Turn on auto-scroll so the device rotates between the structured workouts screen and your real-time power screen.
    2. Change the workout type for the run workout(s) in TrainingPeaks from Run to Bike. This will force the Garmin device to accept the Stryd feed as a cycling power meter, and the structured workout will display real-time power in the same structured workout screen. When the workout is complete, change the completed workouts type back to Run in TrainingPeaks.
    3. When using the Stryd app with an Apple Watch, you can see real-time power and a prompt telling you if you are in the correct zone.
    4. Consider the 80/20 Zones Garmin app, which will not completely resolve the issue, but it does display real-time run power and current 80/20 zone on the same screen.



    On my 935 I can only have one data field to my run screen. I have 80/20 run zones but garmin also has a running power data screen. It’s not stryd but I can’t have the 2 on at the same time. It’s either one or the other.

    Could this be your issue?



    Thanks for the guidance here, David. I experimented some with the suggestions above (although I am holding off on the idea of converting run workouts to cycling workouts to make this work as that throws off other things related to analysis of my training, messing up my training data in Training Peaks.)

    Last night, I went for a short Z1-Z2 run – a structured 8020 workout (maintenance plan – run power) with 1 screen set – just the 8020 Run data field full screen, so then it’s that screen plus the Garmin workout screen. It was an ok experience. I found it useful to see when I was bumping up to Zone X. But as Chris mentions, it was lacking because when I looked down at my watch I couldn’t see both my current power and target power in a single glance which is increasing important the more intervals there are, the more complex the workout is. During the run, after an initial “target power” message comes up for each new interval and then goes away, I actually couldn’t see any way to find what Zone or target power I am supposed to be in with the built-in power workout screen (which shows “–” for power), and the 80/20 data field, or the Stryd data field which show the current power and what zone it is in. One idea that occurred to me was I could rename an interval in Training Peaks to what the target low and high power or target Zone should be. But all of these are hacks trying to duct tape together a solution it seems to me.

    SOME GOOD NEWS THOUGH!… Stryd just released a huge update that includes auto-syncing structured workouts from TrainingPeaks to Stryd, and a new Stryd Garmin *app* that will load the structured workout to your watch via your phone. I went for another short run last night with the same 8020 Z1-Z2 workout from TrainingPeaks, and it shows current interval target power low and high, as well as current power. Purely from a run workout by power point of view, the Stryd app is now a great solution for an 8020 structured power workout on TrainingPeaks to Garmin. I wish I could customize the experience to also see HR, pace, cadence, and distance, but I don’t really need any of that date to complete a workout properly (except perhaps for cadence to be sure I keep cadence above a minimal level of 160, but the workaround for that is to just set up an alert if my cadence goes below 160.)

    Check out the new Stryd app (and be sure to go into their setting in the iOS app to import TrainingPeaks structured workouts.) I think you will like the experience! Pretty cool to really be able to do a structured 8020 power workout auto-sync’d from TrainingPeaks!!


    Actually – it looks like there is a way to customize the fields in the new Stryd app. I haven’t explored that yet, but maybe it’s even better than I experienced and gives you all the data you might want!

    David Warden

    Ted, brilliant! This is great news. I’m going to have to complain to my Stryd contact for not giving me a heads up (he’s in the Sales dept, so I guess I can’t expect much…)

    I have not tested this myself, but I’ve already updated our documentation to recommend the Stryd Garmin App as a solution based on your review!



    David, I am having the same issue, but using GArmin HRM to measure power. Any better wrokaround for Garmin HRM than Stryd? Any to see the current power AND the target zones (HRM strap on Garmin Fenix 5 Plus). Thanks in advance.

    David Warden

    Frank, I’m not aware of any other workarounds other than what I posted in this thread on September 14. However, what happens if you use the Stryd app Ted mentioned with the Garmin HRM? I don’t think that the Stryd app can distinguish a Garmin power feed from a Stryd power feed. I suspect that the Stryd app might work with Gamrin HRM.


    Chris Cavanaugh

    Here’s what I’ve learned using Stryd and a Garmin 935 since my initial post.

    Stryd has two apps in the Garmin IQ store:

    (1) Stryd Power + Zones. This app allows you to use Stryd power as a data field on the normal Garmin modes (i.e., “run”). These fields can be configured like any other Garmin data fields, so you should be able to display Garmin HR and Stryd power. However, Garmin doesn’t display this data source into the structured workout display.

    (2) Stryd Workout App. This app allows you to use Stryd power in a structured run workout. This is new, as described by Ted above. I’ve been using it for a week to import TrainingPeaks structured runs workouts. There is a video tutorial here:

    Hope that helps.

    David Warden

    Chris, brilliant. I’ve updated our documentation again to include the excellent video you found.


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