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Goals in Training Peaks

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    Does somebody know how to set up swimming, cycling and running goals per year in Km in Training Peaks?

    David Warden

    Juan, can you send a screen shot or instructions on there you are setting this? I just see this in TP for Goals options, and I can’t set distances.



    David, maybe I wasn’t clear. That’s my point I can’t set the distances as goals. So, is it not possible?

    David Warden

    Ah, I see. No, I’m not aware of any other method other than simply writing down on that field “Run a 5K in <21:00" or similar.



    I can only speak to running, and this is kind of tedious and only gets you part way to where you want to go.

    You can enter planned distances into workout builder. As imported from 80/20 only the RL workouts already have a distance specified. You can edit the other workouts adding planned distance estimate. Be aware however that if you enter a distance it will alter the calculated planned average pace for the workout, so take care that you set it up the way you want. This does not alter the workout duration and pacing, only the compliance tracking. (Do not alter the workout duration, that will cause the TSS estimate to be off).

    Total planned (and completed) distance will then be available on the calendar and on the dashboard. You can set up your dashboard to view planed distances with the custom dates by week well into the future. So you have weekly distance goals. You can also set up a view to look at only future runs and get an average weekly distance report.


    Wow! What an answer you gave me. Thanks a lot

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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