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Group runs while on training plans?


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    Hi everyone, I’m in my first week of an 18-week level 2 Training Peaks marathon plan (5-9 hours/week). I currently run about two times per week with my local running group: a 6-mile run on Fridays and a long run on Saturdays (usually 10 miles). These groups run at a range of paces. I love these group runs and they are so important for me in many ways. How do others incorporate group runs into their TP training plans? My scheduled run tomorrow is a 45-minute foundation run but the Friday run usually takes me about 60 minutes.

    And a different question: if I ever have to change my long run from Saturday to Sunday, should I just swap the two weekend runs on the calendar in the Training Peaks app? Thank you!


    There is a pattern to the plans. I choose a plan start date that assures my social runs are on foundation days so I have some flexibility. If I need to start early, continue a bit more, or bail early, for social days I adjust.

    Endurance runs can be a bit tricky. They are preceded by, and followed by, an easy day and slipping a day can cascade into the next week. I try to keep Saturday sacred for my endurance run and reserve Sunday for a recovery day that I can run socially or rest.

    The coaches can better suggest a fix when you need to move the long run.


    Thanks for your insights, Charles. Fortunately my training runs seem to be well timed with group runs. My Friday group run will be a foundation run, and my Saturday long run is an endurance run. I think I’ll be able to make it work.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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