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Half-Ironman in April 2022 (30 weeks left) – should I repeat 18 weeks plan?

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    Hi all!

    I’m a beginner triathlete – although I have done 3 70.3s already, I am basically bad at all 3 sports. That doesn’t take away from my enthusiasm though, and I am always thinking about how I can improve in any of the disciplines.

    My A event (and my only event for now), is a Ironman 70.3 in April 2022, about 30 weeks away. I’ve just bought and started my 18 weeks Ironman 70.3 Level 1 plan, but realizing that I’m going to end it 12 weeks before the event… I am left wondering what I should do.

    There likely won’t be any events before my 70.3, so I can’t / don’t want insert any race.

    A few of the options I thought of:

    1) Stop the 18-week plan – maybe focus on 1 or 2 sports over the next 12 weeks, and then start the 18 weeks plan, well, 18 weeks before the race. I would really like to improve on all 3 sports though, but question is if I wouldn’t benefit more from focusing on say cycling or running first.

    2) Stretch the current plan – repeat some of the initial weeks i.e. Week 1, week 1, week 2, week2, week 3, week 3, etc.. I would not be looking forward though to moving all the workouts manually in Trainingpeaks to make this work.

    3) Complete the 18 weeks, start a 12 weeks plan thereafter (or alternatively, re-start the last 12 weeks of the 18 weeks plan)

    I am curious as to what this group thinks what are some pros/cons. Clearly it’s highly individual and depending on what/how I set my priorities, but I’m really torn and maybe not entirely clear what all considerations are.

    Thanks much in advance!

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Welcome to the forums! Tip for he future: load your training plans so that the end date aligns with the date of your event. In your present situation, I recommend you follow our triathlon maintenance plan for the next 12 weeks and then start the 70.3 plan:



    Hi Matt – thanks for your reply!

    Did as you suggest. 1 question though: From the end of the maintenance plan (during which my projected fitness steadily increases) onwards, it seems my projected level of fitness seems to decrease/stay relatively flat for a straight 4 weeks before it picks up again.

    Is this due to the first month of the triathlon plan being more of a “base phase”? Should I adhere to this, or should I upgrade to a level 2 plan?

    Thanks much in advance!

    Matt Fitzgerald

    It won’t hurt you to take a step back in transitioning from the maintenance plan to the 70.3 plan. It will make no difference come race day. But if you upgrade to Level 2 you might overcook yourself before the race. A happy medium would be to pad the first few weeks of the Level 1 plan with a little extra volume.


    Thanks for the post, I have a similar question. I finished the Level 1 Olympic pace and Bike HR plan in September with great results, 11 minutes faster in my Olympic distance then prior race, thank you. I transitioned directly into the 12 Week Pace and Bike HR Triathlon Maintenance Plan. I also purchased and applied the Level 1 70.3 Pace and Bike HR plan to end on 5/29 the day of my first ever 70.3. I finished the Maintenance plan last week and will be repeating the last few weeks to get me to my start date of the 70.3 plan, 1/24. I have been adding distance to my swims and bikes once or twice a week and, again, am feeling good. I noticed when applying the 70.3 plan that the CTL and fatigue drop off for the first 8 weeks before ramping back up. I would like to continue to build/improve/get stronger faster better the first 2 months of the 70.3 plan rather than slow down. Or am I missing something? By the way, thank you for the free maintenance plan! Thanks for any and all advice!

    David Warden

    R, check out our document Understanding and Adjusting Your Performance Management Chart at https://www.8020endurance.com/performance-management-chart-is-lying-to-you/

    TP has a bug with HR workouts where predicted TSS will systematically be wrong.

    However, even factoring in that particular issue, there are several other factors to consider when reviewing your predicted CTL, which are covered in that document.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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