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Half Marathon Level 1 RFF41 Run Confusion

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    The second to last run on this plan says RFF41 (Zone 3 Fast Finish Run).

    The description says this:
    5:00 in Zone 1
    15:00 in Zone 2
    5:00 @ CV

    However, the workout plan is this:

    Workout Details

    1. Warm-up
    5 min @ 132-149 bpm
    Zone 1: Recovery

    2. Active
    1:25:00 @ 149-166 bpm
    Zone 1: Recovery-Zone 3: Tempo
    Think of this Zone 2 segment is the “vegetable” that earns you the “dessert” of the Fast Finish. Earn it by holding yourself back!

    3. Fast Finish
    10 min @ 175-184 bpm
    Zone 4: SubThreshold-Zone 5A: SuperThreshold

    I assume I should modify the workout to the description (25 mins) instead of the workout plan since it is right before the race??


    David Warden

    @jbmoore Thank you for pointing this out. This should be the RFF44, not the RF41 and that is an error. The description is correct, (5, 15, 5) the structured workout is not.

    This only occurs on the HM Level 1 plan. I’ve fixed that in all versions, but you won’t see it unless you reload your plan, which is probably not necessary this close to your event.

    I really, really hope no one does a 75-minute run 2 days before their race on account of this error.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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