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Half-Marathon Refueling

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    What worked. What didn’t.

    Anyone with experience to share…


    I have to admit that for a stand-alone half marathon race I didn’t refuel during. I had a good breakfast of oatmeal and that was sufficient calories.



    Hey Charles,
    Are you referring to fueling during the event or after the event?
    Here is our 80/20 Nutrition guidelines. There are some very simple things we know about fueling for endurance, the actual method is personal, and requires practice in training and habituation to become a very seamless part of your training and race day formula. For post race, hydration and a good mix of protein and carbs. Enjoy some feel good foods for the rest of the day and back to clean healthy eating the next day!

    The 80/20 Nutrition Guide


    I’m looking for suggestions that could work during a race lasting 105-125 minutes. I’m expecting higher than average sugar depletion on a hilly course.

    I have run the distance many times, but never raced the distance and I plan to make this an honest effort at the highest possible performance.

    I used to carry dried fruits and trail mix for my all-day hikes, but they are difficult to consume and digest on the run. So, I’m interested in what folks have tried that I might experiment with on endurance runs during my next 1/2 Marathon training segment.


    This may be an unrefined / redneck response, I’ve never really fueled for a half marathon. Well, I’ll use electrolyte fuel just to stay adequately hydrated. Then I’ll drink something like chocolate milk afterward to avoid the post long run headache. But it always takes me longer than a half marathon to run out of glycogen.


    Hey Charles,

    If you know your going to run from 105 to 125 minutes, did you consider to just carb load leading up to the race snd then just focus on hydration throughout?


    Hi – perhaps a couple of things to have a think about. If you are planning on going for it, it’s likely that you will be putting your GI tract under quite some stress, so probably liquid carbs or gels are maybe a good option. Gels every 35-40mins, with one just before you start. Have fluids ready to take them with.

    Also, be mindful that if you are planning on doing a best effort, just be mindful that you are unlikely to be considerably different to times that you have run in training if you haven’t done zone x pace (or your desired race pace intervals in preparation. Preparation and practicing nutrition and pace prior to the race are key here.

    Hope that helps a bit more.



    Thanks all!

    I will try gels. That way I can just rely on water at the rest stops and not worry about some unknown sports drink provided by the sponsors.

    I’ll look at the carb loading during the training, but from what I read there may be some additional weight gain (from water retention) that I might be able to avoid. I’ll need to tighten up my diet to know for sure…

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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