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Heat Acclimation

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    Do you recommend working heat acclimation into your training? The thing that always concerns me is training in cooler weather and then having the race day be unexpectedly hot. Living in Texas, this is always a possibility. In fact, it happened with my first marathon, which made for a miserable experience.

    My next race is a half marathon on Thanksgiving Day. It’s normally cool on Thanksgiving, but not always. I’ve been training in hot weather and have adapted to it. But I’m wondering if I should pile on some extra layers once it starts cooling down, just to prepare for the worst? Any suggestions?

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Unless that one day is an extreme outlier and turns out to be >10 degrees warmer than any day in the preceding two weeks, you’ll be fine without heat training. That being said, heat training will aid your performance even if Thanksgiving Day is cool.

    Should You Lock Yourself in a Hot Room While Tapering for Races?


    Thanks! That’s very interesting and helpful. The one time I did this was while training for my second marathon. It was a spring race with a lot of my training being done in cold weather. For several weeks, I piled on extra layers of clothing for most of my runs. It wasn’t much fun and it took some adjustment, but it became a lot easier. It got to where my heart rate was basically unaffected by cardiac drift.

    The temperature on race day was the exact same as my first marathon. But without the extra layers I had trained with, it felt amazing and the heat didn’t bother me at all. I appreciate the info and will take into this account when preparing for the next race.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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