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Help to plan my year of training – Marathon + Ironman

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    Looking for guidance,
    I have planned for 2 events this year,
    Marathon – 07/08/22
    Ironman – 04/12/22

    Have just purchased the the racing weigh triathlon level 1 plan and will start on Monday 17/01/22, That will take me to Sunday 27/02/22,

    But then what ?
    (I have purchased over the years, the IM, 70.3, HM, M, and 2 strength plans that I have access to in my TP account)

    What do I do directly after the race weight plan to train untill the marathon plan starts 6 weeks later, and then how do I train for IM while nearly finishing the marathon plan?

    When I load the IM and Marathon plans from race day end date, they overlap and don’t know what to do or not do.

    Would also like to swim and bike at a reduced effort while training for the IM, but IM would still be my A race.

    Any suggestions appreciated,

    Matt Fitzgerald

    I’ll be honest. It’s close to impossible to cobble together an optimized program for your specific competitive agenda from the plans you have, or from any plans we offer. An optimized program would be a fully customized program built from scratch, and it would bear little resemblance to a cobbled-together selection of our readymade offerings.

    If I had a gun to my head, and I had no choice but to make the best of the plans you have, I’d have you use our free Triathlon Maintenance Plan to bridge the gap between the end of the Racing Weight Plan and the start of your marathon build. I would then have you use your 18-week Ironman 70.3 plan instead of your marathon plan to train for your marathon, with a few modifications. Specifically, I would replace many of the runs in the IM 70.3 plan with key workouts in the marathon plan and replace all of the bike workouts with easy rides.

    After the marathon, I’d have you take a week off and then pick up your Ironman plan with the end date aligned with your Ironman race date.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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