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High HR in Z1

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    I’ve just started a training plan after having a week off running (following a 100km ultra). I did the Monday’s recovery run this morning, in Zone 1. My average HR was 145 and max 175. I had to deliberately slow down several times – the run was more of a very slow jog and there was walking. Putting aside that wrist based HRMs are notoriously inaccurate, why would my HRs be so high when I am hardly exerting at all? I was also informed the my LTHR had increased … should I adjust my zones according to this advice, or not?

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Give it another run or two. That first run back is just an ice-breaker. You mustn’t read too much into it.


    Thanks Matt. This morning’s run was more settled. I think I will find that my max HR has actually increased … am just waiting on my OH1 to arrive and will do the tests then. I don’t trust my wrist HRM.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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