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HM Level 1 + Indoor Cycling

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    Hi! I have just purchased and started the HM Level 1 plan. I’m looking to race a HM mid November (if COVID allows)..However, I really don’t want to give up time on my indoor trainer, so I’m looking at swapping some foundation runs to cycling to fill that need 🙂 I understand it may impact running performance down the track but I also value having a good time and doing the workouts I want to do along the way, so its a hit I’m willing to take.

    Is there anywhere I can get access to only the cycling 80/20 workouts within TP? I guess I’m only interested in a select few which may match the time/intensity requirements with the HM level 1 foundation runs. I cant seem to find any cycling only plans I could possibly borrow workouts from.

    I’m a huge fan of having the workouts all set in TP and sent over to Garmin ready to roll. Thanks!

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    Matt Fitzgerald

    Perfect thanks! I was getting an error trying to load these into my calendar to plan days ahead but I see now that this can’t be done until after the workout has been completed.

    It looks like a full copy is included in TP with the subscription so looks like the way to go for me for now. Signing up, thanks again.


    Update – Thanks David for sorting me out with what I wanted to do in TP. You guys rock. Thanks, Jay.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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