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HM Level 2 Mid Plan Adjustment

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    I’ve loaded the HM Level 2 plan for a Nov 6th race. I’m coming off HIM training and was doing 3-4hrs of running (3 runs, 1 speed / tempo / long). I’m jumping midway to this plan and curious how you would recommend adjusting the first few weeks so that I can ease into the run volume.

    I don’t want to get injured upping the mileage up that much.

    I have another target HM race end of November.

    IE – axe 1 or 2 of the foundation runs for the first 2 weeks? I realize I may not realize my goals without the full training time.

    Goal is sub 2hr
    10k PR 54:08
    5k PR 25:51
    HIM run PR 2:13


    Matt Fitzgerald

    I would need a little more information (how long ago was the half, what have you been doing since that race, etc.) to give you precise guidance, but generally speaking, the best way to ease into the middle of a new plan is to trim a little bit across the board. In other words, shrink all of the runs by modest amounts. This ensures things stay in the proper balance. Axing foundation runs would have the opposite effect.

    Looking ahead, it’s a bad idea to try to milk one base for more than two peaks. Sooner or later you’re going to need to do a full base phase.


    hey matt!

    i raced 70.3 worlds at SG 9/18 (sidenote: in the most hellacious of riding conditions i have ever in my life experienced – that was the craziest shit ever, 20-30mph sustained winds, gusts up to 50. insane.) phew.

    i took one week off to process, and have just started with 2 x 5-6mile runs and some 1hr spinning days since. My fitness was as 104, I’m down to 86.

    i’d post my tss data but unsure how to attach it.

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Okay, so that’s about perfect. It’s okay to put yourself in charge in these moments. You’re smart: Look at the plan where you plan to pick it up and compare its demands to the your recent (last four weeks) training, and ask yourself “How ready am I for that?” It shouldn’t feel like a stretch. To the extent it does, keep the workout structure but dial everything back–maybe 15% in the first week, 10% in the next, 5% in the one after that . . .


    excellent thank you!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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