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How to do 20 m Z5 intervals in a 50 meter pool?

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    Hey there!

    Fortunately pools are opening at my place again and I will have access to a 50 m pool in the very near future.
    But as it is a 50 m pool a question regarding Zone 5 intervals popped up.

    Should I stop in the middle and rest and then swim the other half?
    Can I do 50 m intervals in Zone 5 but only half of the repetitions?

    Or is there any other approach which works best?

    David Warden


    I’m sure you are talking about the Zone 4 or 5 25-meter intervals. These are an exception, but as you pointed out, a challenge in a 50-meter pool.

    The preferred method is to stop mid-lane, if it does not interfere with other swimmers or require you to rest on a lane line. The second best option is an easy swim for 25 meters as your recovery. Changing from a 25 to a 50-meter interval and reducing the intervals by half is also acceptable.



    Yeah, I was referring to those Z4/Z5 intervals. Thanks for the quick reply. On my way to the pool know. 😉

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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