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How to handle off-plan events

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    I’ve just started the “80/20 Running: 2021 Edition Marathon Level 1” plan over on Training Peaks. Apologies if this is answered in the “80/20 Running” book, it arrived in my mailbox just yesterday. How should someone following a marathon plan handle off-plan events? On Saturday’s I like to participate in my local park-run events, and I also have a few races I put on my calendar before starting the plan; should I abandon these events while training for my marathon? Adapt a scheduled workout to fit? Just do both the event and training plan as scheduled?


    A lot of the answer is in how you plan to run them..if you really plan to race them and run hard, try to do the events on a ‘rest’ week. The plans are all on a 3 week cycle where every 3rd week is a down week. That would be the best time to race as the weekly volume is already decreased.if the race falls.out side that, you could move the down week to meet the race as long as you don’t go more than 5 weeks on an up or building week.

    As far as the weekly runs, you could move a workout around that corresponds or just run it at the plans intensity and add some running before and/or after to increase the total volume

    I hope this helps.


    Thanks RunRevCollins! It isn’t what I wanted to hear, but it helps.


    This is a good one for the coaches to weigh in on. One adjustment that I make is to set the start or finish date when I load a plan to accommodate recurring activities during a plan.

    For example, I like to reserve my Sundays as recovery days, either rest or recovery effort runs for social runs. I make any final adjustment for my “A” race in the final days before the race to make sure that I am rested and on good form on race day. Entering a plan so structured usually means that Saturdays are endurance runs, so I can do a “race” socially with just some additional miles and still stay within the parameters of the 80/20 plan I want to follow.

    I don’t do marathons, so you would need to examine your plan to see if the same recurring patterns appear that are in the 5K and 10K plans.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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