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How to incorporate an FTP mid-plan

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    I did my initial FTP on a Peloton. As the weather warms, I’ll start doing more training rides outdoors on the aerobars. I’m mid plan. How do you recommend that I adjust the plan to do a bike FTP on the aerobars?



    There are tempo workouts during recovery weeks e.g. RT19 or CT31 where you can reconfirm or retest your zones.
    CT31 Pre-Activity comment:
    The cycling tempo workout does an excellent job at muscular endurance, and should be used as a method to either verify or re-establish current HR Zones. A difficult workout, pacing is key. Start slightly lower and finish stronger. Some brief forays into Zone 4 are acceptable.

    Also see “Threshold Testing” in the resources section of this website:

    Fortunately, your 80/20 training plan includes Swim Time Trial (STT), Cycling Tempo (CT), and Running Tempo (RT) workouts that may serve as zone testing sessions. Most of these sessions feature Zone 3 effort that are less than 20 minutes in duration. Advanced athletes can replace these workouts with the 20-minute time trials described above. Another option is to use the “backing in” method of verifying running threshold pace or cycling or running threshold power. Because LTHR changes less than TP and rFTP over the course of a training plan, you can retest either of these variables in the context of CT and RT workouts featuring Zone 3 efforts as short as 10 minutes by adjusting your effort until your heart rate levels off at your previously determined LTHR and observing the pace or wattage that corresponds to it.


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    Matt Fitzgerald

    No need to adjust the plan. You can do a TT FTP test anytime you would do an indoor FTP test, which is ideally within or in place of a Zone 3 ride during a recovery week.


    Got it. I understand. My next CT is 2 weeks away it looks like.
    Thank you!


    Is it okay to do a TT FTP and a run FTP in the same week? My 8020 plan has a CT and an RT in the same week, so I would think that the answer is yes.

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Yes, it’s okay.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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