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How to properly skip a year of triathlon racing

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    Can anybody suggest how to properly skip a full year of triathlon racing while keep growing? Using the maintenance plan is one option though it seems a little boring for that long. Using a regular IM plan just with no real racing is another one. Is there a good reason to experience peaking and following recovery periods or something more slow aimed for gradual growing would make more sense?


    David Warden

    Yury, there are many, many ways to do this. Here’s one method:

    Stitch together multiple 80/20 offseason and shorter plans with a week or rest in between:

    Triathlon Racing Weight 6 weeks
    Run Endurance 7 Weeks
    40K FTP Boost 12 weeks
    Run Endurance 11 Weeks
    Triathlon Maintenance 12 weeks

    That’s 52 weeks if you add a rest week in-between each plan.



    Great! Thank you!


    I’m a little confused by your conflicting posts… In one post, it seems you are looking to skip a year of triathlon training but then in another you talked about doing a marathon while still training for triathlon?

    What are your goals… Do you need to rest, recover, reboot, get back in the game mentally? Do you want to specifically improve at running, Spend more time on a training life balance? Train for but not compete in triathlons..etc., and so on…Each will direct you to a different approach to training…

    David Warden

    D, can you be more specific about the conflicting posts.

    Also, even in this post, I make it clear, “there are many, many ways to do this…” That was one of…6? different methods I could have recommended, but chose the best method based on the limited feedback available.



    David, this wasn’t a comment on your response…that made al lot of sense, the original poster (yuryshafirin) had two posts. This one, which was “how to skip a year of triathlon racing,”and the other was “how to run a marathon while on an IM plan.” To me, these seem to be the complete opposite of one another.

    I was just curious as to which way they were headed and simply thought that a careful examination of their goals might be helpful to determine how to either take a break, or train for a marathon while doing an IM plan….

    David Warden

    I see now. You are more observant than I am, I did not catch that the two posts came from the same individual! I just get into “triage” mode sometimes and answer the question at hand.

    I’m sure Yuri has good reasons for considering both possibilities!


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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